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MySat Link provides Alert capability in areas beyond mobile coverage

MySat Link with StaySafe allows you to pair an iPhone or Android Smartphone with a Garmin satellite handheld device, so as to be used as an emergency communicator beyond mobile coverage. What’s more, these alerts will be sent to your local support team or responders for personalised action.

By combining the StaySafe lone worker app with a Garmin satellite communicator you have a solution that works with cellular 4G/5G as normal. Then once you are out of mobile coverage it will automatically switch over to satellite mode.
Once you are back in cellular coverage, it with switch to mobile connectivity automatically, providing you with 100% landmass coverage, to give you:
  • 100% Global coverage using the Iridium Satellite network
  • StaySafe Safety function with Check-in and session timers, SOS and Fall Alerts
  • Seamless switch between satellite and cellular networks
  • Alarms sent to your designated local response team
  • Enhanced coverage via dedicated satellite and mobile devices