Portable Safety for those at risk

When safety has been compromised, and you need to call for help, discretion and accessibility is essential. While a mobile phone can be snatched away before a call can be made, the MySafe Pod allows you to activate an alert and have the situation listened into and responded to, without the other person being made aware.

The MySafe Pod is a small, lightweight alerting, communication, and location devices that are not much larger than a car remote.

MySafe Pod has a dedicated SOS button, vibration confirmation of alert sent, one-way or two-way voice options with auto-answer function, integrated location technology and discreet operation.

MySafe Pod is water resistant to IP 67 so it can be carried just about anywhere* without needing a mobile phone, allowing you to get help you need, at any time.

The MySafe Pod with 24/7 monitored response  

When assistance is required, you simply press and hold the dedicated SOS button on your MySafe Pod for 2 seconds. The device will vibrate to confirm the alarm has been activated.

The alert will be received by the 24/7 monitoring centre where the control room operator will look at your location and relevant information. Simultaneously, the operator will call into the My Safe Pod (which will auto answer silently) and listen in to what is occurring. The operator will determine the action and relevant response as per the established guidelines


  • 4G LTE cellular technology
  • Compact and lightweight (less than 55 grams)
  • Optional 1-way (listen-in only) or 2-way hands free calls
  • Silent duress mode (no tones heard from the device when alert activated)
  • Vibration confirmation of alert sent
  • Low battery vibration
  • Dedicated SOS button
  • Exit of Safe-Zone alerts
  • Fall detection option
  • Bluetooth 5
  • Charging Dock
  • Multiple location technologies (GPS, GNSS plus Wi-Fi)
  • Water resistant to IPX6 standard

MySafe Pod


MySafe Pod