Your voice of safety in the home

When safety in your home has been compromised and you need help, it is important that you or your loved ones can raise an alarm anytime, simply and reliably.

MySafe Home utilises voice activation technology that allows an alarm to be raised by just saying a specific phrase. What’s more, multiple devices can be set up to provide coverage throughout the house. This means any member of the family can raise an alarm and have the situation listened into and responded accordingly.

In addition to the voice activation capability, small lightweight pods or discreet jewellery pendants can also be carried or worn to activate an SOS.

Communication Hub. A receiver and transmitter that communicates via the 4G cellular network (or even satellite in remote areas) receiving signals from any of the wireless peripherals connected in and around the home. In the event of an alarm, it will be the transmission point to a 24/7 monitoring centre. It is connected to the mains power, with a 40-hour backup battery

Voice Panic Detector. A wireless unit listens for a specific help command and will raise an alert accordingly. Multiple units can be connected to a single hub and can be concealed throughout the home.

A monitoring centre operator will also be able to listen in via the device to hear what is occurring.

Wireless pendants. These include a range of small, lightweight fobs that include an SOS button and can be carried in the pocket or worn as a necklace. There is even discreet jewellery version with a hidden SOS button that can be worn openly. When the SOS button is pressed, it will send the alert to the monitoring centre via the Communication Hub.

The MySafe Home with 24/7 monitored response  

When assistance is required, you simply speak the help command, or press a pendant’s dedicated SOS button for 2 seconds.

The alert will be received by the 24/7 monitoring centre where the control room operator will look at your location and relevant information. Simultaneously, the operator will call into your communication hub (which will auto answer silently) and listen in to what is occurring. The operator will determine the action and relevant response as per the established guidelines. A discreet covert message can also be sent to nominated mobile numbers.

MySafe Home has been configured for victims of Domestic and Family Violence or for any person that feels threatened in their home.