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Alert, Locate,

MySafe is a discreet, alert and location device that is easy to carry and use.

Unlike most personal safety devices, the MySafe Fob includes a clear display screen, making the device so much easier to use and understand.

  • Full display (no more trying to decipher flashing LED’s)
  • Small size, that is easy to carry or wear
  • Rapid location updates via GPS and Wi-Fi
  • Enhanced battery life
  • Handsfree audio
  • 4G LTE Technology
  • SOS activation button
  • Discrete vibration confirmation
  • IP67 water resistance
  • Lightweight (41 grams)
  • SMS and/or email alerts
  • Integrated camera
  • Magnetic charging cable

What makes MySafe Fob + MySafe Track so special is its combination of device with screen, plus a mapping and alert platform that provides the visibility and information that is essential whenever a rapid response is needed.

Helping to take the guesswork out of personal safety

Solutions MySafe Fob

SOS Button

Its dedicated SOS button means you just press and hold it for instant activation

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GPS Location

Utilising GPS and WiFi and location technology for position accuracy and rapid updates

Handsfree Phone Call

Option for one-way (covert) or 2-way handsfree calls with auto-answer capability

Screen Display

By using easy to understand status icons you are always aware of the Fob’s status

Mapping and Alert Platform

Self managed mapping, tracking and alert platform provides added visibility

Discreet and light weight

Weighing just 41gm’s, the fob can be worn on a lanyard, on your wrist, or in your pocket

Alert and mapping platform

MySafe Track is a web and app based alert and mapping platform that allows an organisation to view the status of each device in real time and be aware of any alerts that might have been activated

Features include:

  • Customisable geo-fences for safe-zones alerts
  • Alert pop-up notifications on the main screen
  • Live and Historic Event & Map views
  • Multiple alert notifications, including SMS, email and MySafe Platform
  • Multi-device fleet view
  • Hierarchical set-up
  • Mobile access for iOS and Android
  • Self-monitor via platform and/or 24/7 monitoring option
  • Device management commands
  • Map type selection
  • Global access
  • Admin console for set-up and user management
  • Reporting function
  • Speed, battery and stop views
  • Points of Interest (POI’s)