Discreet activated SOS…

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Discreet activated SOS…

My Safe Place is proud to unveil the new smart technology from bSafe that can save lives. This solution is a game changer as it uses cutting edge technology to revolutionise the way alerts are raised and responded to.

These include Voice activation (just speak the selected phrase, e.g.. “I’m afraid” and the alert will be raised even when the phone is out of reach.

Your Guardians will be able to view live streaming of what is occurring and have access to recorded audio and video.

Child Safety SOS Fob…

As hard as it might be to believe child trafficking exists in Australia as part of a global network. It is therefore important that parents and guardians put in place safeguards to ensure their children’s safety..

To assist with this, MySafe Place is pleased to unveil MySafe Fob with alerting and tracking platform .

The MySafe Fob is a small, lightweight 4G device that includes 2-way handsfree voice calls, onboard GPS, a dedicated SOS, as well as safe-zone arrival and departure alerts. The location of the child can be viewed in realtime , while SOS or safe-zone alerts can be transmitted to a guardians app, alerting platform or external 24/7 monitoring.