Bug Sweeps

If you have any suspicions that you may be a victim of electronic surveillance or any sort of illegal eavesdropping, our specialists are available to help you.

My Safe Place’s Bug Sweeps & Electronic Counter Surveillance Services are for the detection and removal of electronic eavesdropping devices or “Bugs” as well as hidden tracking devices.

We utilise state of the art equipment to perform our inspections and subsequent bug sweeps, allowing us to identify various types of audio and video interception devices, hidden video camera’s as well as covert trackers.

The technology deployed includes:

  • Wega I Detector of hidden video cameras
  • Wireless Camera Detector and Video Scanner
  • REI CPM-700 Counter-Surveillance Probe and Monitor
  • JJN Directional Antenna
  • PRO-W10GX – Wideband Digital RF Detector

Our on-site inspection will involve an electronic sweep of the relevant residence and vehicles.

We will conduct physical searches of the ceiling areas, under house spaces as well as check all cabling, phone points and all electrical boxes for installed bugs.

On completion of the sweep, a detailed, confidential report will be completed and will only be available to the relevant people.