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bSafe is the leading global alert technology solution that is recognised as the best personal security solution available!

bSafe’s emergency alerts, with live streaming of audio and video, automatic recording, seamless sharing of incidents in real-time and two-way communication, allows instant notification for emergency response, anywhere at any time.

bSafe’s discreet alarm options include a paired Bluetooth button that allows you to activate an SOS alarm and start video streaming, even when your mobile phone is locked. This allows you to notify your guardians or monitoring team, while providing a video and audio feed of the situation.

Features include:

  • Bluetooth Remote activation (allows you to raise an alarm even when the smartphone is locked)
  • SOS alert with video streaming, plus video recording options
  • Full audio alarm or discreet silent alert configuration
  • Self-monitored “guardian” or 24/7 monitoring options
  • “Follow me” notification for added assurance
  • Timer alarm for checking-in safety
  • Fake Call to get you out of an unpleasant or threatening situation
  • iOS and Android capable
bSafe can help prevent attacks on those alone and at risk from happening, helping to reduce incidences of violence and assaults.
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bSafe Button

Remote activation of SOS alarm without even having to open the app

Live Streaming

Upon alert activation, live video and audio will be transmitted to your guardians

Fake Phone Call

Have your phone receive and incoming fake call to help get out of unpleasant situations

Follow Me

Have your guardians follow your journey with live GPS and confirmation of safe arrival


When an SOS alarm is activated, audio and video are automatically recorded


A self-defined count down timer to allow you to check-in or it will send an SOS

The bSafe Emergency Button

Your Ultimate Safety Companion

The bSafe Button is a versatile and discreet personal safety device that can be worn or carried in various ways so as to suit your individual needs and preferences.

The bSafe Button allows you to activate an alert either as a loud alarm with voice warning (press the button twice); or as a silent discreet alert (press and hold the button for 3 seconds). You can also initiate a fake incoming call by a single press of the button.

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Discreet activation

Remote activation of SOS alarm without even having to open the app

Long Battery Life

Button’s battery can last up to 3 years, and you can easily change it when needed


Attach it to a keychain, as a bracelet, attach to your clothes or carry it in your pocket or bag

Rapid Connectivity

The bSafe Button utilises Bluetooth to establish a secure and rapid connection

“I’ve worked with a lot of alert devices over the years, but I chose bSafe as it is far and away the most reliable and easy to use solution I have ever tried”.