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MySafe Place are specialists in personal alert technology that allows you to raise an alarm discretely, and have it responded to quickly and accurately, whenever help is needed.

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Ensuring your Personal Safety With Technology
Smart technology is now here to support each individual anytime, anywhere, via subtle actions, including voice commands, from devices that are smaller, more discrete and affordable. Coupled with remote monitoring, AI and virtual guarding, MySafe Place is able to provide customised technology safety solutions to support any situation.
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Personal Safety Technology

Integrated cellular and satellite combination for in-vehicle safety and tracking  with SOS, speed and collision alerts, wireless linked panic alarm with location data that can be externally monitored 24/7 or via  our self-monitoring platform

MySafe Track
Vehicle Safety Anywhere
“MySafe Home utilises voice technology that allows an alarm to be raised in the home by just saying a specific phrase. In addition, small lightweight pods or discreet jewellery pendants can also be worn to activate an SOS in or around the home.”

MySafe Home
Your voice of safety in the home
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With a rise in incidents of assault and domestic and family violence across all age groups and demographics, there is an increased burden placed upon organisations and support staff to respond more effectively, often with limited funds or personnel.

Fortunately technology is now available to ensure better resourcing, safer environments, and increased accountability, while decreasing stress, improving confidence, and enhancing an individual’s well-being.

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